I have been in a pain that i can’t explane, last night i dreamt about you, but it wasn’t a good dream because my dream was about you and your girlfriend, when i woke up i was so sad!
Tomorrow i’ll start a hard ‘job’, forget you!

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So here I am, with a Tumblr that I use to express my feelings about you, the sadness I feel inside me when I think of you with your special, the anger I feel because you do not like me, but it is obvious.

I said so many times “your girlfriend”, when I said my stomach hurts, I can not say it, I just can’t.

I am a person who loves the girl’s body, but I don’t love you because of your body, I like your body, but I love your soul, your simplicity, is the thing I like most about you is your personality , you are everything I love in a girl. Of course you have flaws, but I do not care!
I have friends who say “fight for her if you love her you can not give it up,” but if I interfere in your relationship that you will be unhappy and I do not want it, don’t!

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